Words to Pictures

(Part 2/Ideas/Words to pictures)

Words to Pictures

Above are a couple of examples of my quick-sketches of things around the  house.

I also did Things on the kitchen worktop and things in the bathroom in the same style. I found it very difficult the draw objects with any kind of accuracy when I could not see them.

Exercise – Turning Words into Pictures

The word I have chosen from the given list is Destruction. I have produced 5 images for this in different styles.

This first image is a ‘scary’ one designed to appear menacing and suggesting that it might want to be at the centre of and Destruction which is going on.

The image was hand drawn with a Sharpie pen and then coloured in with other sharpies. The style and colouring are simple and would be easy to reproduce.

This is a tangible face of Destruction, an abstraction with many connotations.

It is supposed to look ugly and unappealing as a subject, the horns hint at the devil, the red eyes are reminiscent of a mad bull, the yellow teeth remind the viewer of large carnivorous animals etc.

This second image is an acrylic painting on black card (A3) with digital enhancement.

It represents a nuclear explosion over a city at night. It was painted with brushes and a sponge. The enhancement was the addition of a few black lines to suggest window shapes in the falling buildings.

Although bright cheerful colours the message is one of despair – hence the black background.

The third image shows weapons of Destruction – objects which can destroy people and objects.

This is a simple line drawing done with felt-tip pens. It could be used as the basis for a repeat pattern which might have interesting uses.

For example:

Here the image has been inverted so the background is black and the pattern repeated to create a ‘fabric’ effect. Maybe it would be good as prison wall-paper or upholstery fabric for the US electric chair!

There is something disturbing about the pretty pink hand grenade, maybe this image destroys the equanimity of the viewer.

The following picture is different in that it is a pencil drawing which has been coloured in with coloured pencils.



The final drawing of this series on Destruction is quite different. It is a pencil  drawing on A4 cartridge paper.

The image shows a left hand holding a pair of scissors and destroying a credit card. This is a different interpretation of Destruction but one with which many will be familiar.