(Part 3/Working it out/Visuals/Viewpoint)

Exercise – Viewpoint

I chose Workshop as my word for this exercise. It does occur to me that I could use the photo of the doors of the workshop as that does, for me describe the word.

However, I did go inside and took lots of photos.

To start with I took racks of tools. These groups of objects do speak of ‘workshop’ but there were so many more interesting shapes and angles in there.

I then perceived single objects, groups of objects and parts or extractions of objects.

Small shelf unit , pot of brushes and a roll of hose.

I took shots from each end of the workshop – below, plenty groups of objects in situ.

I also took some extractions and more groups of items.

I then did rough sketches on square thumbnails of other items in the workshop. I chose some single items and small groups or a section of something. I quite liked the combinations of drain rods and the plastic jugs with paint kettles so I did a quick black and white drawings of them.

I like the juxtaposition of the plastic pots and the interesting curves in the drain rods. I have used a variety of methods of manipulating these two images in the interests of further research.

I did make a note of what I did to the  plastic jugs image but the drain rods coloured picture is a random selection of inversions and curve changes.

Having done them, I can’t say they are my favourite images as suggested in the exercise brief.

My favourite one is the simplest and is a line drawing of the big vice on the bench. I also liked a crop shot I did of the corner of a big tree saw hanging alongside a big hook.

A single object, a bench vice, to me says the word, workshop – where else  would you find one?

I drew the saw corner and the old hook with a red drawing pen, for a change.  They make an interesting shape but don’t necessarily say workshop.

Having done these drawings I thought it was worth exploring what I could do with them on the computer by way of further development.

I played with the saw and the hook a bit colouring the background first then I replaced the drawing with a cut-out fro one of the shots of the whole workshop.

The Vice on the bench remains my favourite. Therefore, my final drawing choice is the one from above. It is redrawn to scale in the square format the same as the original thumbnail I did at the beginning but with more attention to detail, proportion and readability.

As a final bit of fun I made the vice into a dog with bone and the saw corner into a space ship even though it has little to do with the word workshop. (Except that the second one could be a futuristic flying workshop drifting through space in a children’s story)

Maybe the dog is called ‘Shed’ and he lives in the Flying Workship