Text and Image

(Part 5/Words and pictures/Text and image)

Exercise – Text and Image

Above are the selected words written in my slightly ‘better’ handwriting.

Left are my ‘drawings of the words’. They are in a mixture of upper and lower case.

Big is big and fat, small is the same style but ‘small’. Fat is an invented font much fatter on the left than the right, thin is tall and thin. Capitals are used here to retain the height to optimise the thin appearance.

Fast is written quickly and spread over the page while slow has a slight backwards lean and is drawn slowly in a style related to Copper Plate. (Which I learned at school!)
Fun is big and ‘joyful’ while boring is a solid script with old fashioned serifs.

Calm is steady and measured and upright with smooth even curves while Mad is dancing or jumping with a spiky curvy edge as I wasn’t sure whether it meant crazy or furious.

Above are a variety of fonts chosen to ‘describe’ the word they spell.

Big – font Mr Big – is bulky and eye catching. It features an interesting use of round and square corners.

Fat – same font- is an example of altering a font for effect, I have stretched the Mr Big font.

Small is written in a tiny version of Arial, is has to be crisp and clear to remain clear.

Thin – L A Headlights – is a slender font which I have stretched in height slightly for effect.

Fast – font Cold Spaghetti – is leaning forwards and has movement suggesting speed. It is a carefree open shape appearing to have been written quickly.

Slow – font Wedding Text – is decorative with hints of illuminated manuscripts and a style which is precise with details that could not have been added in a hurry.

Fun – font AR Hermann – smacks of happiness , sunshine and jollity. It has curly ends on the f and the word slopes upwards with apparent careless abandon. The capitals are bouncy and uneven.

Boring – font Befast CF – is a typical ‘document’ font often used in official and not always welcome communications. It has connotations of being boring or worse. It is straight, evenly spaced with crisp serifs and very ‘proper and correct’.

Calm – font Pacifico_ is pleasant and rounded and pleasingly similar to the one I drew first. It is nice and even with perfect curves, not too tight or stretched. It flows. I do not, however, like the capital letters as the L jarrs as it is the wrong height for comfortable reading.

Mad – font Troutkings mixed with Wingdings – I could not find a font which evoked madness to me so I used two on top of each other. The result is virtually unreadable and definitely looks mad.

Here are the words from the previous pages copied and coloured.

Big is red and white stripes to highlight its size . Small is small and blue. Fat is a big bright yellow to reference the colour of fat and the hi-vis property of things which are fat.

Fast is coloured in racing green, slow is in gold which is never applied quickly to anything. Fun is pink and fluffy with spots. Boring is grey and nothing more than a hollow frame.

Blue is a calm colour and appropriate for calm. Mad is a crazy mix of various colours which do not harmonise well. It is mad.

Above is my mood board for Fun and Boring. I have added a few different textures, ideas, colours, media and objects.

Fun, is bright, lively and cheerful. It is multi-coloured and sparkly. The two objects are a blue sparkly sandal and a small sunflower figure to stick I a plant-pot. They are both ‘fun’ objects in appearance but visual literacy also says both are associated with happy, fun times. There is a roll of rather expensive wrapping paper. It is a happy pattern in pleasing colours so has connotations of joy, in addition it has association with gifts, generally handed out at a time of celebration. I deliberately chose a pattern and colour with no specific association so the visual rhetoric applies to all people, ages, and events.

There is some soft, fluffy, bright orange fabric it is almost a metaphor for ‘fun’ itself. There are three other Fabrics there -all different, all with potentially different uses but all with associations of happy or fun events – parties, christenings, weddings, celebrations.

Finally, and on a personal level, I have included a gardening magazine. To me this is fun. It is fun to read the magazine and it is fun to do the gardening.

Boring, to me is dark, and monotonous. Here I have included two pieces of fabric, both quite think and both dark coloured. One is black – and one is dark brown. They are the colours of nonenjoying in my life. Admittedly, there have been times when a ‘little black dress’ has been a thing of happiness but not these days. Now it is more the colour of funeral garb. I have included a roll of curtain tape because I find making curtains, which I don’t do very often, is a boring activity.

The large green book labelled Irish Melodies is a classic boring book cover. It is old and dull. For all I know the melodies my also be boring but it is the cover which is representative here.

The DVD of Lincoln is included not in any satirical way but because my husband and I thought it was so boring we didn’t even watch it to the end – a rare occurrence but the epitome of boring.

Finally, the pile of knitting paraphernalia. I have never liked knitting since childhood. However, I seem to possess an inordinate amount of inherited needles and accessories. (These is a fraction). I consider it to be boring – even with pink wool.

I continued with the same chosen words , fun and boring for the final section of the exercise.

This is Boring written out by hand on a sheet of A3 paper.
I found the spacing difficult to get right. I was surprised to find that some of the letters are wider than they are high.

I decided to render this word in a pretty boring manner so the actual production of it is a metaphor of itself.
I simply cut out each letter carefully the use that as a template to cut the letter out of some boring fabrics. I chose a piece of plain black cloth, a black and white photograph of a pile of cement bags, the original photocopying paper, a picture of some wood texture, a glossy magazine advert for insurance and a piece of slightly used glass paper. These are all pretty boring items. I then looked for a boring background as an ironic touch and found the stock market prices from my newspaper. I then placed this upside down so reading it would be even more boring. That was then double mounted on a piece of black card.
It all got too boring so I dropped the ‘o’ to create a bit of a cliché as when people want to make something look interesting. It therefore becomes a parody of something which is interesting but it is actually quite boring.

I thought it would be infinitely more interesting to use a different technique to create the word FUN.

First of all, I drew it out on A3 in the same way as previously, then I printed it out in mirror writing.

I then selected some fun media to make a collage (below). Which I glued to the reverse side of the sheet.
I used gold fabric from a party dress, some orange and sequin fabric from a cushion cover, some of cheerful purple wrapping paper, a section of the Camping and caravan club magazine, two photos of my dogs. An illustration of bulb fields and a Mother’s Day card.

The materials were than arranged and glued to the back of the sheet of A3.

Finally I turned it over and cut out the letters.
These needed to be arranged on a suitable background so I glued 2 sheets of fluorescent green A4 together.
I glued the letters to the background and instead of the dots rising from the top of the ‘N’ I used a unicorn shape from the Mothers Day card as it is happy and joyful.

I am pleased with this effort. I like the way the lines follow through the letters and ‘tie’ them together. This also provides a consistency of style which the ‘boring’ word letters didn’t have in the same way. Its a pity the faces of the dogs were actually cut off but then so was most of the fabric.
I think the unicorn is a good light touch and says ‘fun’ just as much as the dots on the original.