Spider Diagrams

(Part 2/Ideas/Generating ideas/Spider diagrams)

Generating Ideas

As I said in the previous piece it is always a good idea to come up with 3  possible options for the client to consider when they have given a brief.
Lateral thinking is always a good idea . Brainstorming practice:

Spider Diagrams

Here are four Spider diagrams on the suggested topics:

  1. Seaside
  2. Angry
  3. Festival
  4. Childhood (I chose to do My Childhood)




When I was doing the childhood one, I realised I was doing my childhood but that didn’t seem to matter in reality so I changed the central word to suit the chosen topic.

Seaside was also done by a friend who added the words in green.

I didn’t really find one harder than the others although I guess Childhood must  have subconsciously affected my choice of words as it became totally MY childhood. Once I realised this, I carried on with it as it seemed to flow. I could have gone on and on with that one getting more and more paper, I suppose.

I tend to think in pictures so I guess I used that facility as a strategy for coming up with the words – just look at the imagined ‘picture’ and see where it leads.