Making a Mood Board

(Part 2/Ideas/Making a mood board)

Exercise – Making a Mood Board

There are many other ways of interpreting ‘Destruction’ than those above so I decided to use the same word for my Moodboard and explore a different  aspect of Destruction.

I have chosen the conflict between;

farming = destroying the natural world (palm oil, clearance for beef etc)

Saving farms from their destruction by the earth itself ( floods, earthquakes,  climate change)

There is also conflict in a chicken/egg sense , the question being does farming destroy the world or does farming improve the world?

My Mood board (A1 size), now completed, shows the colours of the earthy, of fields and farming. It shows the rich colours of temperate regions and the parched shades of arid areas. I have illustrated these by the use of three different camouflage fabrics.

I have included a reference to history and the destruction of the farming fields of Flanders by the Great War. The weather was bad and the rich farming fields were turned to mud and filled with the dead bodies of the combatants. My Granddad’s  medals on a black grounds remind us of this.

There are several newspaper cuttings which were the inspiration for this board. They reference recent flooding in my area of Yorkshire and the difficulties for farmers. They ask the question are the farmers the custodians of the land or the destroyers of it.

I have included several textures. One is a ‘creased leather pieces which shows how water can affect the earth leaving the ripple marks after it has dried out.

There is sand paper to suggest desserts and what happens when the earth is totally devoid of growing things.

An article about The glorious twelfth and whether landowners are keeping pheasants and other game birds while destroying the habitat of some other creatures. To bring this article to life I have included some wild bird feathers I picked up on the fell.

I have also included a couple of photographs I took locally of floods in the last few years. This is to stress that the problem is here, not in some distant place.

Finally I have added some crumpled baking foil which was used for mixing my acrylic paint. I put it in as an explosion of colour amidst the darker earth shades. It represents the farmer’s gun exploding or even the time-bomb of the earth itself. It is also a symbol of the litter which also helps to destroy the countryside.

Key to the Mood board – Destruction

1  Medium tone camouflage fabric for temperate zones like the Dales.
2  Photograph of local flooded farmland.
3  Article about farming and game bird production
4  Wild bird feathers (for added texture and colour)
5  Article about helping flood victims (farmers mainly) in the Dales
6  Article about Climate change with reference to saving productive farmland
7  Black fabric the colour of soil and mud, destroyed fields and crops. Medals from 1914-18.
8  Sandpaper to represent the dessert and add texture.
9  Spider diagram showing the dilemma of farming versus destruction of land/resources.
10  Article on climate change and farming locally
11  Leatherette fabric with the texture of water marks on soil
12  Articles about dam collapse and the power of water
13  A photo of local flooding
14  Article asking for help for flood stricken farmers (an opposing viewpoint)
15  Camouflage fabric showing the colour of arid regions, pale, sandy, bleached shades
16  Heavyweight waterproof camouflage fabric showing the deep rich colours of tropical areas
17  Aluminium baking foil with bright paint – an explosion of colour, often a bad thing
18  A piece of smooth sandy yellow leather symbolising the ultimate absence of life
19  Article pleading the case for farmers