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Pen and ink sketch of my village, school homework, July 1958

Bracken Rigg, Brackenber Lane, Giggleswick, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 0EB
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This is the second OCA course for me. I have just completed the CAT course and will submit that for assessment in September.

You can read more of my personal history on my website but here is a brief outline.

I trained as a teacher and worked in Hull for almost 30 years in primary and middle schools. During that time I gained an Open University degree in educational studies, then an MA in Community Education.

We moved from Hull to the Yorkshire Dales while I was studying for an HNC in Garden Design. I set up a practice and worked at that for 10 years running residential courses as well as designing.

We built a new house and I retired from Garden Design and took up Art once more . I got an HNC in Fine art then a degree in Photography at the local college. I am not now officially in business but do sell some artworks and create posters and advertising material for some businesses.

My interests and enthusiasms are shown on the introductory card I made for you. The obvious one is the garden along with the (second) new house which I designed. I enjoy walking , we travel quite a lot, I take many photographs, I paint, I make digital images. We have several children and their progeny and two beautiful Golden Doodle dogs. I also very much enjoy cooking (and eating) which I forgot to add to the card!

We are supposed to be off on a walking holiday in Armenia next week time but that is in question as I have acquired a nasty calf strain which is currently very debilitating. Fingers are crossed. My husband Phil is a physio so treatment is on hand.

For the CAT course I created a digital learning log which I submitted to Professor Rose along with each assignment. She seemed quite happy with this arrangement, will that be ok with you?

I have my course materials and now although I had started the work using the on-line information.

I am looking forward to this course as even though I have studied lots of art (and taught it) I have never looked closely at Illustration. It is my intention to do the ‘writing for children’ course next and combine the two to create a book in the final section.

I am registered as Elaine Ward as that is my name, however, professionally I have used Elaine Newington Ward since the early nineties so you will see that cropping up from time to time.

If there’s anything else you need to know, feel free to ask. I look forward to talking to you.

Elaine (dob 05/09/44)

Student number 520885

Course; Key steps in Illustration
01729 824169