Illustrating Visual Space

(Part 3/Working it out/Illustrating visual space)

Exercise – Illustrating Visual Space


A Tree

A child Running

A Building

Here are 3 images I have drawn quickly for this exercise.)

I have cut them out (digitally) and arranged and re-arranged them in a variety of positions. All the images tell a story of their own, child running away, child out training, child arriving home, child in a barren landscape, child in an earthquake, child after building collapse, child carrying/stealing a baby tree, etc etc.

When I look at all the images together, whatever the story they tell, to me, the child is the centre of the story, even if the child is the smallest item in the image.

The images with diagonals do suggest a bit of mayhem – an earthquake maybe because we don’t want to see a building at the ‘wrong’ angle.

If the building and tree are horizontal/vertical the image is very static however, the running child introduces some dynamism into it.

The Geoff Grandfield image to me suggests noise – roaring and tearing and falling.

The image in my set of 12 which appeals most to me is the last one. I like all the trees, they look much better than the bare landscape. Also I have added 2 figures which could be running to meet each other so it is a more positive image than some of the others which are bare and cold and feel quite negative.

I have added some levity in picture 10 where one of the blocks of flats has fallen over on a tree. The runner is off to deal with it, maybe it is just a model or a film set. It has the potential to tell a variety of stories.

The 12 pictures are below.