Getting the Gist

(Part 1/Getting started/Getting the gist)

Exercise – Getting the Gist

This cutting is from the Yorkshire Post and follows England women’s football team dropping out of the World Cup.
It is an up-beat article basically saying ‘the only way is up’.

My final highlighted words are:
The best is yet to come Global ambassadors
Summer Olympics
European championships

My initial thoughts are to highlight the idea that they are more than just a team who were on tv for a week or so. The tv coverage was extensive and popular, so I propose to use that as a starting point – literally – have the team making their way out of a tv screen and into the world.

Its probably a bit of a cliché to have them with lions head but might be appropriate here.
As ambassadors they can be happily dancing their way along the road to Europe waving the British flag or something on those lines.

This is the first draft using the ideas above.

The lionesses are climbing out of a TV screen – I put it at ground level first then lifted it on poles – might be better on the side of a building.

They have lioness heads.

They are joyfully going along a road signposted Japan Olympics

The Euro champs sign maybe needs to indicate it is in the uk

I have used a copy of the original pencil sketch and drawn out the picture with a drawing pen (left)
On the computer I have then ‘cleaned it up’ so the original lines are not showing.
Finally, I have added colour to the sketch using the computer. This is the first time I have ever tried this technique so it is a pretty basic effort. However, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something different.
I am fairly happy with the result although it does look as if the players are climbing out of an advertising hoarding rather than a TV.
It is an interpretation of the world in relation to the article, it informs, stimulates amusement, distracts, coveys an idea and has a meaning and message, hopefully. As a piece of art it is well balanced in composition, mass and space, has a limited colour range, shows perspective, demonstrates movement.
Having given it further study, I have added a ball, just to emphasise it is about football.

Review of part one

I have very much enjoyed this first part of Illustration. I have already tried things I have not done before as well as reviving things I have not done for a long time.

I like children’s books and remember Orlando. It was quite a daunting exercise at first to try to draw a picture it the style of the illustrator. However, I was reasonably pleased with the result. It is a very, very long time since I used coloured pencils in an illustration.

I certainly enjoyed drawing in the style of Ardizzone as that is how I was taught to draw at school. I think I would enjoy doing more of that.

It was fun researching modern illustrators. Unfortunately there are no new book shops in Settle now so I did not have the chance to browse the shelves. I searched on line until a style stood out for me. I don’t really like ‘fussy’ pictures so Cadby’s minimalism was good. It was something new for me to draw in ink, colour with paints then modify on the computer. It was a satisfactory method.

Having done that I decided to actually try colouring with the computer so the final exercise using the football team , was drawn by hand on paper then transferred to the computer and painted in at that point.

Having the chance to experiment is very rewarding when it comes out better than expected. It was an interesting start to the course.


A Hall. Illustration, Lawrence King, 2011, London
A Hyland (Ed) , The Picture Book, Lawrence King, 2006, London
C. King, (Illustrated E. Ardizzone), Stig of the Dump, Penguin book, 1963, London