An Objective Drawing

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An Objective Drawing

For my objective drawing I chose a shoe.
It was quite a difficult subject as these are silver shoes with a textured finish.
There are no straight lines at all and it was difficult to get the curves accurate. I chose to draw with pencils so using a rubber was a practical way to get it right.
I was concerned about the shading and the texture as I needed to do crossed lines to delineate the texture I could not then easily use cross hatching for shade. I decided to create the texture with lines then shade with the flat point of a soft pencil.
It was also difficult to represent the shininess of the silver shoes as they caught the light. I have tried to do this by using the rubber to make a reflective line or ‘blob’ where the texture becomes less clear.

I am pleased with the result as it was not an easy exercise.

Below is the basic line drawing.

Above is the drawing with the shading added, I have used a flat soft pencil as cross hatching would have confused the texture.

Below I have erased small sections with a rubber to indicate the light reflecting on the silver surface of the shoe.