A Subjective Drawing

(Part 2/Ideas/Creative thinking/A subjective drawing)

Exercise – A Subjective Drawing

I have chosen a small suitcase for my object.

It is soft, silky, flexible, conveniently small, adequately large, portable, wheelable, can be pushed or pulled, multifunctional, black, discreet, elegant, smart, clean, waterproof, newish, lightweight, attractive.

My word is ‘multifunctional’.

This is my Mood board I think the colours are not especially relevant here  part from the fact they are bright and cheerful.

I am inspired by the advert for the Swiss army knife -the most multifunctional tool I know of.

The pictures I have torn from magazines etc are all about the usefulness of the case; transportation and storage, being broken down into, shopping container, sports equipment carrier, heavy objects buggy, clothing store, document holder/mover, etc.


This is my sketch of the suitcase. It has been cut out ready to manipulate into something which represents its versatility and multifunctionalism.

I tried to imitate the inspiring Swiss Army knife but did not find it satisfactory although it formed a very pleasing shape.

I considered writing key words on each case but thought that might be cluttered.

Then I decided it just had to have words for clarification so I put them is as luggage labels.

It’s not quite the same as exaggerating one aspect of an article, however, the word multifunctional didn’t seem to lend it self to that interpretation. This is a slightly different take on it.

I took the some of the pictures from my mood board which helped describe a possible use of the suitcase. I then ‘filled the front of the case with the picture to convey the idea. This was then emphasised/clarified by the added label.